Once upon a time, there was a thing called BS5750.
For some people it was almost a religion - and, like so many religions, it had
Good Bits and Bad Bits.
Adrian Brentnall set up a consultancy called AMB Associates, based in
Oxfordshire, UK - to help companies achieve certification to BS5750, (and later
ISO 9001/2), making use of the Good Bits and minimising the Bad Bits.
Over nearly ten years, Adrian and his colleagues performed audits, ran training
sessions, wrote documentation and helped clients during their (sometimes
nerve-wracking!) external assessments.
This website used to contain sample documentation, hints and tips sections,
and a general raft of resources about ISO 9000 - but the Standard has since
moved on and much of the material is no longer current. The original advice still
stands - KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). Many systems fail because they are
made far too complicated - the more you write the less people will read!
Round about the millennium, Adrian and his family moved to a little village in Suffolk, on the East coast of England. A series of chance ‘coincidences’ brought them into contact with the local Spiritualist Church - and re-awakened a long-held interest in creating stained glass.
Some years later, another move brought us to the far South-west of County Cork in Ireland - where we now create stained glass and handmade greetings cards, and grow vegetables......

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